AddingMachine Help

Calcinator  AddingMachine is a convenient tool to add long series of numbers such as shopping lists, averages, scores, etc. It offers the ability to add fractions and products as well as single positive or negative numbers. All adding activity is logged on a tape-style display for easy review.

Using the AddingMachine is very intuitive. Numbers are entered via keypad or keyboard and appear in the windows below the tape-display (the editing window). When the = button is pressed, that number is added to any existing numbers on the tape. Expressions may be used in each entry such as:


In this case, the expression is calculated and that result is added as a subtotal to the sum. Adding negative numbers is equivalent to subtraction.

AddingMachine offers several hidden features. Clicking on any value or expression on the tape will load that value into the editing window. That value can be edited and re-entered into the sum. Clickng on the 'Subtotal' heading will hide or show the subtotal column.

Shared Memory M1-M6

MS (Memory Store) and MR (Memory Recall) are used to store or recall values from six memory locations M1-M6. Contents of the selected memory location is displayed in the status window at the bottom of the page. To store a value to memory, select the field using the associated button and press MS. To recall a value from memory, select the field using the associated button and press MR. Memory locations are shared with all other Calcinator apps.