Trig Solver Help

Calcinator  TrigSolver is a unique tool for easily performing trig calculations using a visual metaphor. TrigSolver is based upon the fact that all four parameters of a right triangle are specified by any two.

The tool features four input fields:

  • a - vertical leg
  • b - horizontal leg
  • c - hypotenues
  • θ - primary angle

To calculate a triangle, two of these parameters must be entered. For example, to calculate the triangle with vertical leg 4 and horizontal leg 3:

  • Click on the "a" button and enter 4
  • Click on the "b" button and enter 3
  • Click on "=" to calculate

Note that the "a" and "b" fields are highlighted in red. This indicates that these were the input parameters. The last two paramter buttons clicked will be highlighted red. Calculations will be based upon them.

Angles can be entered by clicking on the θ button. Angles can be specified by degree, radian or, gradian which can be set in the Settings app.

All TrigSolver inputs are saved to cookies as they are entered. The next time TrigSolver is run, it will bring up the last entered values and calculations.

Expressions with + - x / can be entered into any field. These expressions will not be evaluated in place but will be represented in the calculated results.

Shared Memory M1-M6

MS (Memory Store) and MR (Memory Recall) are used to store or recall values from six memory locations M1-M6. These operations will be performed relative to the selected field. To store a value to memory, select the field using the associated button and press MS. To recall a value from memory, select the field using the associated button and press MR. Full expressions can be stored or recalled to the selected field and used in the calculation.